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Distributing beta versions never was so easy and beautiful.


GitHub Wiki
Contains a growing documentation about HockeyKit.

Distributing Enterprise Apps for iOS 4 Devices
Apple Documentation about the Ad-Hoc build distribution process for iOS, which is used by HockeyKit.

Over-the-Air Profile Delivery and Configuration
Apple documentation about how to deliver profiles Over-The-Air, which can be used to automatically detect device UDIDs (not being used by HockeyKit).

Blog Posts

2011-01-31 - Simplify beta testing using Hockey 1.0 releases HockeyKit version 1.0. Contains an overview of all the components including screenshots.

2010-08-23 - Announcing Hockey, an iOS developer framework publishes the first open source codebase for HockeyKit.

2010-08-17 - Update iOS beta apps from within the app showing a first tech demo of HockeyKit.

2010-06-22 - iOS Wireless App Distribution
Jeff Sambells describes the Apple iOS Enterprise process which allows Over-the-Air distribution for all Ad-Hoc builds.

Screencasts / Videos

2011-03-09 - HockeyKit iOS client 2.0
Preview of the new HockeyKit 2.0 user interface on iOS.

2010-08-23 - Hockey - The iOS Ad-Hoc updater
Walkthrough of the HockeyKit UI and process.

2010-08-17 - Update iOS beta apps from within the app presents the first tech demo of HockeyKit.